Foundation for Hydrogen in Aragon

The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon is a private non – profit organization promoted by the Regional Government, other public bodies and private companies. Currently the Board of the Foundation is formed by sixty-six stakeholders belonging to all the economy sectors: automotive, chemistry, power generation, financial, educational, engineering, research and development centres and real estate. Its team of young professionals performs R&D as well as consultancy projects, in cooperation or assisting local and national companies.
Over the last nine years, FHA has been supporting the regional strategy for the uptake of H2 and FC technologies, publishing the Hydrogen Master Plan in Aragón (2007-2010 and 2011-2015), and showcasing the whole hydrogen chain (production, management and efficient use), obtaining the primary energy from renewable sources by means of processes currently available (photovoltaic and wind). The facility includes hydrogen production means (PEM as well as alkaline electrolyzers), storage, dispensing and final use in fuel cells, including vehicles (BEV and FCEV).

Industrie Haute Technologie

IHT Industrie Haute Technologie SA (IHT) is a Swiss company, active in the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of very large scale high pressure alkaline water electrolyzers (HP AWE).
Over the last years, IHT has concentrated most of its activities on the overhaul and the maintenance of large scale alkaline electrolysers (up to 3.5 MW) and more specifically on the manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of new stacks (up to 760 Nm3 H2/h @ 30 bar) and modular blocks (comprising several cells each of them having a capacity of almost 200 Nm3 H2 /hour) in close collaboration with its customers i.e. chemical industry players, owners and operators of multi MW (up to 100 MW) AWE plants essentially used for base load production of H2 directed to a variety of chemical uses (e.g. ammonia and fertilizers).
More recently however, part of the IHT development programs have also been directed to design of most advanced prototypes directed to alternative applications such as e.g. large scale energy storage, centralized H2 production for mobility, on and off-grid management services, power to gas, etc.
IHT is fully committed to maintain and strengthen its longstanding leading position in the evolving electrolysis market, continuing to provide cutting-edge solutions and contributing to push forward the benchmark standards of AWE technology.

Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek

VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is a leading independent, customer-oriented European research and consulting centre implementing client-driven research projects. We address the sustainability challenge by developing innovative products and processes that meet current and future human, environmental and industrial needs. Membrane technologies are arousing great interest as potentially cost-effective answers to a growing range of purification and separation needs. VITO has more than 30 years of experience and an extensive international track record in this domain. The combination of market relevance and high level expertise has made membrane technology one of our core competences.
In the past 3 years VITO has developed new versions of Zirfon®, tailored for specific cell design and/or operating conditions, a vertical double-side coating set-up was constructed and implemented for research, and will be used for the production of the new separator membranes at lab-scale in the frame of the present project.
VITO has access to extensive up to date infrastructure for the characterisation of porous materials. The available characterization equipment includes pore characterization tools (from mesopore to macropore size) as capillary flow porometry, N2-adsorption/desorption, Hg-porosimetry, as well as FESEM/EDS, thermal analysis (TGA/DSC), XRD, FTIR, mechanical testing.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung

Fraunhofer IFAM – as part of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. – is an application-oriented non-profit research institute and cooperates closely with industrial and academic partners.
Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden is involved in fundamental and applied research to develop new sintered and composite materials, as well as cellular metallic materials manufactured with innovative technologies derived from powder metallurgy. The scope of our services includes the industrial implementation of the results we obtain, up to the manufacturing of prototype components. Substantial experience with technology and material structures makes it possible for us to design cellular metallic and composite materials in which combinations of properties are tailored to individual applications.
The design of materials and components is facilitated by special technologies, such as Electron Beam Melting, melt spinning, melt extraction, Spark Plasma Sintering, microwave sintering, 3D Metal Printing and moulding techniques. The development is focussed on lightweight materials, materials for tribological applications and thermal management, high temperature materials and hydrogen storage alloys to be used in transportation industry, electronics, energy technology, and mechanical engineering.

Instrumentación y Componentes