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A Powder Metallurgy Route to Produce Raney-Nickel Electrodes for Alkaline Water Electrolysis

Abstract A powder metallurgy route is described as a promising route to produce highly active Raney-Ni electrodes. An expanded Ni mesh was used as metallic substrate on the surface of which Raney-Ni phases were produced via a heat-treatment step using Al powder at different loads. The overpotential at −300 mA/cm² as well as the active [...]

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Potential of new business models for grid integrated water electrolysis

Highlights •Cross-commodity arbitrage trading for electrolyser is especially promising in power systems of high shares of wind power. •Exemption from use of system charges and levies is crucial for profitability of grid integrated electrolyser operation. •Economic efficiency of electrolyser operation is highly dependent on the end-user sector of hydrogen demand. •Provision of grid services towards [...]

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Techno-economic modelling of water electrolysers in the range of several MW to provide grid services while generating hydrogen for different applications: A case study in Spain applied to mobility with FCEVs

Highlights •Techno-economic modelling of multi MW electrolysis to provide grid services. •Optimal economic dispatch of electrolysis units providing grid services. •Presentation of current and future key performance indicators for AWE and PEMWE. •Application of the model to a case study in Spain to supply fleets of FCEVs. •Sensitivity analysis of case study with different technologies [...]

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Elyntegration midterm meeting

Elyntegration Project, dealing with the design and engineering of efficient and cost competitive Multimegawatt High Pressure Alkaline Water Electrolysis for energy applications has reached its midterm. The overcome of the Project during this first period has been recently evaluated by a team of experts of the field pointed by the European Comission. During the review [...]

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Elyntegration project celebrates second Workshop

The 2nd Workshop of Elyntegration took place in Dresden, Germany, on 18-19 October 2018. Pursuant to the title “Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis”, it was organized jointly by IFAM and FHa as an interactive workshop. More than 50 participants from 10 nationalities attended the event. They were experts and managers from electrolysis, transport and manufacturing industry, technology [...]

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Elyntegration will participate in the next edition of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) , which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) during the days 17th-22nd of June. The WHEC will be the most important scenario in which many relevant participants in the hydrogen technologies will meet in 2016. Thus, it will be a [...]

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The Elyntegration project celebrates its first Workshop in Zaragoza

The first public workshop on H2 applications and end users was held in Zaragoza (Spain) the 8th November 2017. The Workshop event was organized on the frame of H2020 ELYntegration, FCH2 JU  project based on the evaluation and demonstration of grid integrated electrolysers for energy applications. The increase of intermittent renewable energy penetration is changing [...]

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