The 2nd Workshop of Elyntegration took place in Dresden, Germany, on 18-19 October 2018. Pursuant to the title “Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis”, it was organized jointly by IFAM and FHa as an interactive workshop.

More than 50 participants from 10 nationalities attended the event. They were experts and managers from electrolysis, transport and manufacturing industry, technology providers, research organizations and academia. The alkaline electrolysis technology as the key element for energy and fuel transition was discussed and several successful case studies as applications of the technology shown. The attendees learned about numerous promising technologies that were developed for advanced electrodes fabrication and membranes manufacturing, accelerated tests protocols, flexible control and communications systems and promising business models.

In the final podium session, the participants continued the discussion how to continue with the development and the cross sectional exploitation of water electrolysis through a descarbonized system. Power to gas and the integration to renewable energy such as wind power were also topics of discussions.

The contributions from the ELYntegration project were quite impressive: Christian Immnauel Müller from Fraunhofer IFAM provided an inspiring talk on novel electrode manufacturing strategies.

The coordinator, Vanesa Gil, ARAID Researcher from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (, presented an overview on the ELYntegration project. Vanesa Gil presented also the last results about lifetime assessment thourgh accelerated stress tests developed on the frame of the project. Dr. Gil covered in his presentation many outstanding highlights from various ELYntegration partners.

The ELYntegration Project Partners are proudly looking back on the big success of this event. FHA as the coordinator of the Elyntegration has started to organized (on behalf of the consortium) the trendsetting format of the final project, to be held in Spain next February 2019.