Elyntegration will participate in the next edition of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) , which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) during the days 17th-22nd of June. The WHEC will be the most important scenario in which many relevant participants in the hydrogen technologies will meet in 2016. Thus, it will be a great opportunity for the dissemination of the work to be performed in ELYNTEGRATION between a technical and scientific audience.

The Elyntegration project coordinator, FHA, will carry out an oral presentation in the frame of the technical sessions of the congress, in order to explain to the attendants the scope, targets and expected development of the project during its expected lifetime of 3 years, as well as the role that each partner is having in the progress of the project, among comments and progress carried out during the first months.

For any updates on the participation of Elyntegration at WHEC 2017, please check the ‘News’ tab on the elyntegration.eu official website. We’ll keep you updated!