Elyntegration Project has come to an end, see our video to know more about main activities done to achieve its goal!


This workshop was celebrated in Huesca, Spain the 23 of May. It was organized in collaboration with the FCHJU ELY4OFF project.

The main objective of the workshop is to promote and facilitate a first exchange of views about the integration of Renewable Electricity through applications of WE technology. The joint event will bring together key industry stakeholders, potential end-users and technology developers for knowledge sharing.

The event provided a forum to discuss the latest technological innovations. Key discussions were involved sharing challenges and opportunities related to hydrogen production from water electrolysis. The workshop also provided the best platform to explore potential collaborations.

Download the workshop III program from here.

Workshop presentations


Elyntegration Workshop, Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis

19th of September Dresden, Germany

The main objective of this workshop is to highlight the Technical challenges and solutions for electrolysers connected to the electricity grid.

The Workshop will be divided in two panels, Materials for AEL and Manufacturing and System

Download the workshop II program from here.

Workshop presentations


Elyntegration Workshop, H2 applications and end users: challenges, barriers and lessons learned.

8th of November 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Zaragoza (SPAIN).

The main objective of this workshop is to highlight the potential and analyze cases of H2 linking very different markets: electricity, gas, industrial use and new markets including mobility. The ability for being such link gives the H2 great potential, but in turn, it is extremely challenging being updated and prepared for the different users and markets which can serve.

The workshop will be divided into three sessions:

  • Session 1: oriented to explain the situation and changes on electricity market, focusing on impact of renewable energy penetration, grid management and storage alternatives.
  • Session 2: focused on H2 as a link between the electric and gas market (P2H, P2G).
  • Session 3: additional potential of H2 as link with other markets on industry where H2 enters the productive process and mobility.

Download the workshop program from here.

Workshop presentations